Superyacht Interiors Volume 7

The 2024 edition of the SUPERYACHT INTERIORS - VOLUME 7 is your guide to the world’s leading luxury looks – and the people behind them.

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Superyacht Interiors Volume 7

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Looking for inspiration for your next yacht? You’ll find plenty of food for thought in the seventh edition of Superyacht Interiors. Inside, the industry’s leading designers share their insights on the latest trends – from “droplet” seating scattered in small clusters around the deck, to elegant, speakeasy-style bars – while they discuss an overarching shift in yacht design, as more owners specify boats that look, and feel, like home. 

Meanwhile, a directory of the best specialist artisans and suppliers will help you get the look, including everything from textiles and top tech, through to flooring, tableware, and accessories. Concluding with a behind-the-scenes look at project moodboards, from their inception through to photography of the finished boats, don’t miss this valuable compendium of the very best in yacht design today.

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