Superyacht Interiors Volume 5

The new edition of Superyacht Interiors is your guide to the world’s leading luxury looks – and the people behind them.

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Superyacht Interiors Volume 5

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Looking for inspiration for your next project? In the fifth edition of Superyacht Interiors you’ll find everything you need to create a beautiful, timeless look that delivers instant impact. From an in-depth report on this year’s trends, and how to replicate them in your own space, to advice on everything from classic to contemporary style, let the world’s leading designers guide you from moodboard to marina. Meanwhile, you’ll find a comprehensive listing of leading luxury suppliers, along with details of their latest launches and how to reach their ateliers. Showcasing everything from chandeliers and hammam tiles to ultra-high-tech gym kit, this 140-page compendium is the interiors bible for owners and creators alike.