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Superports 2022/23

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Superports – the global superyacht marina guide

With in-depth details on nearly 700 superyacht marinas, the Dockwalk and BOAT International teams are pleased to present our online Superports directory: the definitive global guide to marina capable of accommodating superyachts.

Superports is a practical guide for captains and will also appeal to yacht owners and charter guests. Superports contains vital location and contact details as well as inspiring destination information to help you plan your next trip. 

Such has been the rate of expansion of the marina sector which has aimed to keep pace with the thousands of superyachts that have been built over the past few years, Superports now lists nearly 700 marinas, including 50 brand-new properties. There are often waiting lists in popular spots so researching your next superyacht berth is more important than ever.