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The Superyachts 34


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The Superyachts 34 is the gold standard for reference about the global superyacht industry. Inspirational yachts featured in this volume range from 37 metres to 136 metres. Showcasing excellence and innovation, they are all the fulfilment of dreams… 

  • Tour 20 outstanding superyachts, all with remarkable diversity, quality and beauty
  • Explore the striking profile shapes of motor yachts gracing the seas and read how the experts discuss the design inspiration behind them
  • Don’t miss award-winning yachts such as Bold, Canova, Excellence, Hasna, Race, Scout and more
  • Browse the up-to-date register of the World’s 200 Largest Yachts
  • Foreword by James Berwind, owner of Scout
  • Alphabetical listing of all yachts profiled in all volumes 

YOUR 20 BREATHTAKING YACHTS: Archelon, Attila, Bacchanal, Bold, Canova, DreAMBoat, Elements, Excellence, Flying Fox, Hasna, Life Saga, Luminosity, Madsummer, Neninka, Nomad, Race, Scout, Severin*s, Soaring and Tatiana V.