Refit 16 (2015)

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Refit 16 (2015)

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REFIT 2015 The gold standard for refits, rebuilds and restorations

  • The features –  Exercising the Options – Advice on designing a gym into the refit
  • The yachts – 17 yachts showcasing 12 power and 5 sail with different approaches, methodologies and rationales
  • The Yards – Pendennis, RMK/ Merrill-Stevens, Refit and Yard News
  • 216 pages, 334 photographs and deck plans, Comprehensive Index to refit services and past editions

The gold standard for yacht refits, rebuilds and restorations

Now in its 16th edition, REFIT  presents what its editors consider to be the most interesting, the most challenging and/or the most transformative refits and rebuilds of private yachts, both power and sail, completed during the past year.

This year we present a record 17 refits – 12 power and five sail – including some modern yachts just a few years old and a collection of antiques that have been brilliantly restored. Each of their stories showcases different methodologies and rationales, as well as different nautical tastes.

Yachts featured in this book: Aandeel • Alchemy • Auspicious • Enigma XK • Felix • Highlander • Kaskelot • Kelpie of Falmouth • Kizbel • M5 • Miss Asia • Mysorah • Shemara • Somerset • Tiky • Turquoise • Xarifa