Refit 9 (2008)

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Refit 9 (2008)

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REFIT 2008 The gold standard for yacht refits, rebuilds and restorations

  • Blue Bird – Treasure hunter, Dunkirk veteran... beautifully restored
  • R/S Eden – Formery Janidore, a 1930s American beauty
  • Romola – Reviving a sunken steam yacht
  • Bloodhound – looking into wood hull construction
  • Refits – Is it worth it?
  • Yard directory
  • Services directory

REFIT 2008, VOLUME 9 Refit charts the amazing progress of the refit industry, providing illustrated case histories of significant and unusual yachts. It also includes an updated directory of refit services, suppliers and shipyards. A reworked, updated format is streamlined and attractive, with more information and a better directory system. Features on the yachts being restored, reworked or refitted include a Dunkirk survivor, Blue Bird, to a Michigan septuagenarian pulled out of the water in Turkey, to Romola, a sunken wreck risen to new heights. This growing industry is also explored, through its yards and people. We ask, is it worth it? And find out why it is.

Yachts featured in this book: • Bloodhound • Blue Attraction • Blue Bird • Eden • Fuero C • Maro • Ocean Glory • Nibani • Romola • Siran • Tizania • Utopia