Refit 8 (2007)

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Refit 8 (2007)

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REFIT 2008 The gold standard for yacht refits, rebuilds and restorations

  • Orion – Edwardian elegance
  • Pacific Yellowfin – From army ship to charter vessel
  • Rio Rita – Amels' proud achievement
  • Seagull II – Chartering a passenger ship
  • Feature – Refit for charter

REFIT, VOLUME 8, 2007 In this, its eighth edition, REFIT provides an unrivelled overview of the yacht refit industry, looking closely at some of the most outstanding projects and yards. This volume sees new entrants into the market, with yards in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe either starting from scratch or adding refit services to their existing boat-building businesses. 

Yachts featured in this book: • Helios² • Lulworth• Marlena • Monaco • Orion • Pacific Yellowfin • Paladin Shadow • Rio Rita • Seagull II • Shyraga