Refit 7 (2006)

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Refit 7 (2006)

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REFIT 2006 The gold standard for yacht refits, rebuilds and restorations

  • Sea Diamond – Out of the ashes
  • Doriana Photographed the Baltic, newly restored
  • Modern yachts refitted – Starship, Abbracci and Never Say Never
  • Titan – From HMS Beagle to a luxurious charter yacht
  • Feature – yacht management
  • MCA to LY2 – what it means
  • Global Ship Systems, Jade Yachts, Jones Boat Yard, ThyssenKrupp

REFIT, VOLUME 7, 2006 The 21st century has seen a greater and greater journey towards recycling – but the yacht industry was arguably already there. This volume profiles 10 particularly interesting yachts that have undergone refits, restorations and conversions and been given a new lease of life. The book also includes two directories that are invaluable for starting your own refit, as well as features on yards and an in-depth look at the LY2 system and what it means for you.

Yachts featured in this book: • Abbracci • Doriana • Haida G • Helena C • Mary-Jean • Never Say Never • Sea Diamond • Sherakhan • Starship • Titan