Refit 5 (2004)

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Refit 5 (2004)

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REFIT 2004 The gold standard for yacht refits, rebuilds and restorations

  • Black Swan – 1899 to 2004
  • Moonbeam The most authentic of the "big yachts"
  • Iduna – A piece of De Vries history
  • Leda – The second chance for her owners
  • Feature – Insiders guide to mallorca
  • Feature – Insurance
  • Bradford Marine, Izar Carenas, Newport Shipyard

REFIT, VOLUME 5, 2004 In its 5th year of publication, REFIT goes to new lengths to bring you the best information on the refit industry. Profiles of nine of the most interesting major refits of the year. Some of these involve careful restorations of historic vessels. Other case histories involve relatively modern yachts that have become out of date or lack essential facilities. Some refits involve giving working or military vessels a new life after their past one has ended. All this and more in 180 plus pages of beautiful photography and expertise in the field.

Yachts featured in this book: • Alexa • Black Swan • Dionea G • Iduna • Leda • Moonbeam • Quiet Place • Sarha • Tempest