Refit 3 (2002)

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Refit 3 (2002)

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REFIT 2002 The gold standard for yacht refits, rebuilds and restorations

  • Shamrock V – Total restoration of a J-Class cutter
  • Istranka – The former state yacht of Yugoslavia
  • Modern yachts refitted – Tamer II and Mayan Queen III
  • Lady Vista – From Swedish minelayer to British expedition yacht
  • Feature – A major repainting project
  • Feature – Interior refitters
  • Amels Holland, Arredamenti Porto, Devonport Yachts, Little Harbor Marine

REFIT, VOLUME 3, 2002 Like the refit industry itself, REFIT is constantly expanding and improving. Our directory of chipyards has shown a massive increase in numbers this year as more and more companies bid for the work available. The variety of refits featured in this edition is equally striking. At one extreme we find the restoration of the J-Class cutter Shamrock V and at the other refits of yachts such as Tamer II or Mayan Queen III, the purpose of which was to bring the yachts back to pristine condition and make them ready for a further period of intensive use. With its combination of directories and beautifully-presented features, REFIT is the showcase for an industry that continues to impress.

Yachts featured in this book: • Istranka • Magistral • Moonraker • Kaori • Elenesse II • Tamer II • Lady Vista • Shamrock V • Mayan Queen III